Your wardrobe deserves to be different according to the seasons. Fall is perfect for chunky knit sweaters, gorgeous neutrals, and rich hues. This will be so different from your summer wardrobe of light clothes and fresh tones!

So how do we make that important seasonal switch? Well, here’s where we can help you!

Assess What You Want To Keep This Season

Some items CAN go from season to season. These are our core items! Work out what you want to take into the fall season and store that ready for the season ahead in your wardrobe. 

Put Away What Isn’t Needed

Some clothes just can’t go from season to season, and that’s okay! These items can shine when they’re needed, and be stored when they’re not. Whatever you don’t want to wear, pack it away. 

If You’re Ready, Sell Some Clothes

If there are some wardrobe items you haven’t worn for the past year, it’s time to say goodbye. Some items are simply for a season, and that’s okay! This means you can sell them on or donate them to your local shelter. 

Sort The Right Storage

When it comes to storing your clothes, pick the best area. We recommend storing your clothes at the top of your closet or in a chest of some kind. While an attic might seem handy, it actually is the perfect spot for your clothes to get mildew!

Your seasonal switch is an exciting time and we want to help you get it right. While these tips can give you a great head start, don’t forget that our expert PAs can work with you to help make these important wardrobe decisions. Just ask!