The turnkey system to help you launch, grow, & scale to a 6-figure business and beyond 

Expert Training

Use our tried and tested methods to owning, operating, and growing a personal services business.

Ongoing Support

Access to our experienced managers, coaches, and team members inside of our group and 1:1 calls and Q&As.

Done For You Marketing

 We drive traffic to your business through social media, search, and organic advertising. 

Ready to launch?

Owning a licensed Lifestyle Management Co. location gives you the opportunity to have the freedom and flexibility of meaningful entrepreneurship while equipping you with the skills, systems, and scalable processes you need to run and grow your business — without years of trial and error. 

If you’re an out-of-the-box thinker who loves fun, energetic, and flexible work — we’d love for you to apply to join our team of licensees.

(No commitment required to apply)

Offer Everything & Anything Your Customers Could Want!

We’ll equip you to offer the full spectrum of Lifestyle Management Co. signature services including:

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The Lifestyle Academy

(Days 1-2)

During these two immersive days of training, you’ll learn our proprietary and proven process for delivering top-notch personal services that delight our clients time and time again. We’ll walk you through our staff training process, codes of excellence, and the way we carry out our services. 

Business Operations Accelerator

(Days 3-4)

The second half of your certification dives into the ‘back-end’ business ops you’ll need to support a successful Lifestyle Management Co. location. We’ll show you how we price, package, and position our company’s signature offers and cover the tech, contracts, and digital marketing support you get as a Lifestyle Management Co. owner. 

Ready to use Operations Bundle
We’re sharing our:
Staff Contracts
Service Contracts
Software & Systems Recommendations 
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*Not only do we provide landing page templates, suggested software, and recommendations on how to build your landing page so you can get your online presence up and running in no time, WE MARKET FOR YOU on social media and through paid marketing so local leads can find you when they’re ready to buy.

Apply today to see if you’re a good fit!

No commitment or deposit required to apply!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to get started?

Your first step in becoming an LMC licensed location is filling out an application to let us know more about you. Our team will review your application to determine if you’re a potential fit for joining the LMC brand. Once your application has been reviewed, we will schedule an interview with you that will be conducted over the phone. Upon approval, you’ll be added to our next training cohort and sent all of the login details, class times, and licensing information you need to get started. 

What is the investment to license a LMC location?
The upfront investment for licensing an LMC location is $10,000. Your initial investment can be broken down into two payments of $5000. This upfront investment covers your training and first year of licensing. Annual licensing after your first year is $5,000. 

Your initial and annual licensing investments include a listing on the LMC website, Google ads and analytics monitoring, organic social media marketing through the main Lifestyle Management Co. brand accounts, regular branding, contract and agreement updates, and continued community support. 

What exactly is a ‘licensed location’?
The location of an LMC business is your ‘service area’ not a physical office or brick and mortar storefront. The location is representative of the locale where you’ll provide in-person services and the 30 mile radius surrounding. We require that our location owners have lived in the area of their business for at least one year and have a history of entrepreneurial experience. 
Is this a franchise?
No, LMC is not a franchise. This means you’ll follow the LMC brand and service guidelines and recommendations, but will also have some freedoms when it comes to your location. We aim to maintain a cohesive brand where each location operates cooperatively and independently. 
What is the difference between the LMC licensed locations and the LMC Academy?
Licensed locations with the LMC brand receive extensive training on exactly how to run an LMC location where the LMC Academy provides a clear service-based business foundation for any personal assisting or organization business. Licensed location owners also receive regularly updated contracts, templates for daily business use, and ongoing support that is not included in the Academy. 

LMC licensed locations are marketed by us through our website and social media channels and receive full rights to use the LMC brand and reputation to expand their business. Academy members are not allowed to use the LMC brand to represent their business and are in no way affiliated with our brand.  

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Location Owner Application

Ready to become an LMC Location* owner? Fill out your infomation below to apply today!

*Lifestyle Management Co. locations are not required to have a physical storefront to operate. The location of the business should be representative of your current locale and consider a 30 mile radius to be your ‘service area.’ We require that our location owners have lived in the area of their business for at least one year.