Yes, it is possible! Packing with kids might fill some parents with absolute dread, but we want to help alleviate that stress as much as possible with our packing tips!

Plan those outfits

Don’t fill the suitcase with a stand-out shirt and not matching pants. Fill the suitcase with clothes that can be mixed and matched! This makes outfit planning SO much easier for both you and your children. 

Use Packing Cubes

You don’t want to spend copious hours rummaging through your luggage, so instead make sure that your packing cubes are filled with the essentials. This makes vacations SO much easier. 


Put anything liquid in an airtight container. That way if your shampoo spills, it won’t ruin your kids’ clothes!

Medication and first aid 

Pack them and then pack extra! Traveling with children is always full of surprises and some of them can require band-aids. Better be safe than sorry!

Mess-free activities

Children always need entertainment! Pack some mess-free activities, entertainment pieces, and some books for them to play away their boredom. Long journeys can be tough on little ones!


What are your go-to traveling tips?