Do you want the top vacation spots for Summer 2021?! We’ve got you covered!❤️


If you are taking a summer vacation, there is definitely one stand-out state – Florida. That’s right, because of the pristine white beaches, theme parks, and beautiful ocean, Florida has THREE cities in the top 5 staycation spots for 2021!


#1 Key West, Florida. Explore the deep blue until your heart’s content in this paradise spot! With coral reefs, white beaches, and turquoise sea, it’s the ultimate vacation stay!


#2 Orlando, Florida. Are you ready for a vacation of fun?! From Disneyland to Universal, Orlando is the best spot for theme parks, adventure time, and lots of kid-friendly fun!


#3 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This city and vacation resort is part of a 60-mile string of beaches. Myrtle Beach is famed for its golf courses, beachfront boardwalk, and the old-fashioned Family Kingdom amusement park. Fun for ALL the family!


#4 Miami Beach, Florida. This south Florida city is FULL of beaches and is stunningly beautiful. Miami is the perfect place for people of all ages to enjoy the sun, shops, and sea!


#5 Las Vegas. Okay, don’t panic, it’s not all party-party in Sin City! This is listed as number five as 

it’s the perfect spot for a getaway without the kids! Plus, it’s at the doorstep of the Grand Canyon – a definite beauty!