Meal prepping is one of the saviors of a busy work-week. You cook up a batch of stuff on Sunday, store it, freeze it, and then microwave it when you’re ready. But what if you’re even too busy to batch-cook? On average a week’s worth of meals takes a good few hours to make, so if you’re a busy mom doing the soccer run all day Sunday, you might not have time to create some gourmet, freezable food. 


So, what about a meal kit? While these can be super useful, easy, and efficient, sometimes they are just NOT what you want. Imagine coming home after a long day and finding all you have in the freezer is salmon and you HATE salmon? Yeah, not great. Plus, sometimes these prepared microwaveable meals taste not that great. 


So, what about HelloFresh? Yes, the concept behind it is amazing, and the food is DELICIOUS. It’s an amazing concept. However, there is still the issue of time. While everything is prepped for us and it’s a fairly easy recipe to follow, what if we don’t have time to do it still!?


That’s where a personal assistant comes in! If you have HelloFresh, your personal assistant can cook it for you. If you want a batch-cook meal, they can do that, too. Whatever you want, whatever you need, a personal assistant can make it ahead of time, or even on that day for you. 


Not only that, but we can also provide food and menu ideas. We know your likes and dislikes, so we know how to cater a menu based on items you will love. 


Just because you are busy, it doesn’t mean your food has to suffer.