Who loves to spend their days mindlessly scrolling through lifestyle Instagram accounts? We most certainly do! And while they can look professional simply all the time, we know that this can’t always be the case. Or, can it? These Instagram hacks will help your home look Instagram ready 24/7 – and if not, at least it will be ready for a surprise guest visit!

Keep it Personal

We know that you are tempted to hide anything that resembles a personal item, but don’t! Instagram loves a picture that has an added personal touch, and so do we! Your house could be spotless year-round, but it’s the personal items that truly make it a home. 

Hide Your Electricals

We HATE when a plug can be seen through the gram, don’t you? With a life full of electrical appliances like iPads, phones, laptops, TVs, and more, it’s hard to keep everything hidden away. Well, our advice would be to create a system solution that works for your home! You can hide everything away while still making use of it whenever you like. 

Add Your Greens!

We love plants. Having real plants throughout your home creates the idea of life, growth, and also perseverance (seriously, how many times do they try and die on you?!). All over Instagram, homes are FILLED with plants, so why not head down to your local garden shop and pick up a succulent or two? It’ll look beautiful!

If you are wanting a year-round photo-ready home, these hacks will definitely help. But remember, a house is a home, and a home is one that is lived in. So if your home is messy for a while, that’s MORE than okay! You’re a human living your life and if you need a little help we’re here for you!