North Carolina based, Metro’s Other Woman® announced today that it has rebranded after twelve years in an effort to further expand operations. The company, with three North Carolina locations, is now calledLif estyle Management Coand continues to provide personal assisting services to busy individuals and families.

“This name change is a critical step in our growth as a premier service provider for busy people,” says Sarah Benken, founder of Lifestyle Management Co. “After 12 years of serving North Carolina as Metro’s Other Woman®, we are excited for a refresh and look forward to servicing clients under the same ownership, with the same staff providing the same outstanding services that you’ve come to know and love.”

The boutique lifestyle management firm started in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2009 to bring work- life balance to overloaded individuals. Benken opened a second location, Charlotte, in 2010, with partner, Michael Foushee and began licensing the concept in 2016. Liz Williamson, of Wilmington, now owns the three location licenses, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Wilmington and plans to help the company expand beyond North Carolina.

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Lifestyle Management CoTMis a bonded and insured personal assisting firm that has a fully trained team of personal assistants who handle everything from household management, grocery shopping, errand running, and meal prep to organization overhaul projects, packing for moves, and second home management. Monthly packages and hourly sessions are available purchase. For more information, go to: