Today is busy. Families are busy. While this isn’t a bad thing, it does mean that scheduling quality time together gets increasingly difficult. After all, not only do we want to spend time with our family, but also see our friends, do our hobbies, have downtime, and exercise. There is a lot to do in the busy weeks, and with a society that sees ‘busy’ as a good thing, there is added pressure to remain fully booked, week in, week out. So where does family time fit into this?

Make it about Quality, not Quantity

Make the time count. Turn off your phone and truly be present in that moment – the email you received earlier can wait. So can that voicemail you need to get back to. Even if your life is busy, by ensuring that you make some time together with your family count, you are on the right track! If you have children, make sure that they know you are engaged in the time you are spending with them, and that what they say to you is important. Communication is so important when it comes to family time, so make sure it counts, and the more time you spend with each other, the easier it will become.


Taking Part is What Counts

It’s so important to show interest in each other’s activities – and potentially even participating in them! Listening, commenting, and engaging in the conversation, shows you care. Sharing, engaging, and respecting each other shows a good example and creates good family values. If a family member has a hobby, showing interest in that also shows your love and affection.


Make it a Habit, a Hobby, or a Tradition

What might seem small to you, will be a happy memory for your child. Whether it’s eating dinner together as a family, or cooking a meal, or going on a weekly walk – these small habits will become great memories for you as a family. Similarly, traditions like how you spend your Christmas day will be memorable for everyone. It doesn’t have to be something big!


Spending time together as a family creates a sense of belonging, a sense of loyalty, and the feeling of being supported. So, make sure to make time for family – if you can. You’re doing a great job already!