Me-time is important. It’s one of the few times in the week that is purely about you, your relaxation, and your mental health. 

So, what is stealing your me-time? 


Screentime is guilty of robbing SO much time. Endless scrolling on social media, checking emails, and being constantly available means that many of us spend hours on our phones and laptops every day. And, in the evenings, we spend more time watching TV, too! 

We recommend that at least once a week, you have a night without the electronics. Run a hot bath and unwind with a good book! You deserve it. 

Doing everyone’s jobs

How many of you are guilty of saying: “Oh, I can do that!”. Say no. It’s important. You don’t have to do everyone else’s jobs. 

Not delegating

This is similar to our other point, but it’s just about you! Learning to delegate tasks will free up SO much of your day. Have faith that the person you delegate to will do a good job. 

Explaining things twice

How many times in your day do you have to go over tasks? Over-explaining is a common thing, particularly during the workday. 

Working overtime!

Turn off your computer! No one expects you to go above and beyond all the time. If you want to leave ‘early’, then do it. 

Me-time is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Don’t underestimate its power! Whenever and wherever you can, try and cut down on some of these items listed and focus on yourself, instead.