Children can learn a lot from doing household chores. 

While many parents take on the full brunt of housework by themselves, we’d argue that this isn’t always necessary! Obviously, we aren’t arguing that kids need to do all hard tasks and chores – they’re children after all! But involving them in some easier chores per week can be a great learning exercise for them, while also giving you some much-needed help around the house. 

Doing chores can help children develop a sense of responsibility, and learn what is needed to be involved in a teamwork dynamic. 

It can also give them great emotional skills, like how to communicate effectively and how to listen well. These are important tools for children to know as they grow older. 

Sharing housework means things get done quicker! This frees up time so that families can spend less time doing chores, and more time having fun together. 

If you’re wondering how to motivate your child to help with chores, follow these points:

  • Do the chores together at first, until your child understands what to do.
  • Be clear about what’s involved and what is expected of them. 
  • Talk about why it’s great that they have done a particular job.
  • Show interest as they do it, and praise them throughout. 
  • Use a reward chart. 

Simple chores are an excellent first step to helping children learn responsibility and other key developmental skills. As long as each task is age-appropriate, we fully believe and support kids helping out!